Why I started teaching Pure Barre

This week I taught my 200th class at Pure Barre Stapleton since December, and this really got me reflecting back on why I started, and where I was in my life when I started.

I should really start out by saying, I had never taken a Pure Barre class before going to Pure Barre Auditions in August of last year. I had seen on social media that they were opening a studio across from my apartment, and I was intrigued. I should also let you know, I have absolutely no dance background, am kinda uncoordinated, and kinda off rhythm sometimes. So why did I go to auditions? Well, a few reasons…. for one, I had just broken up with my boyfriend whom I had lived with so I had no friends, I wanted to improve my health and speaking abilities on a Mic, I also was quitting my stable, underpaid 9-5 job to start serving full time so I could pivot my life, and follow my passion which I didn’t really know at the time. Originally, I didn’t even plan on going to auditions, I had bounced the idea around, and the day of decided to text my sister-law and get her opinion. She told me to I should go. I took maybe an hour or two to prepare. I figured the worst-case scenario was that I wouldn’t make the cut of auditions, but I knew I wasn’t going to make the cut sitting at home.

Before I went into auditions I gave myself my pep talk of … ‘fake it ‘til you make’ and ‘great things don’t come from comfort zones’ super original, I know. Anyways, I auditioned, off rhythm, completely clueless on what a ‘bend stretch’ was, and smiled the entire time. Did I smile because I was happy, or because I was nervous? I would say a combination of the two.

Fast forward to now, obviously, I survived auditions and became a Pure Barre teacher. I teach anywhere from 5 to 10 classes a week, averaging 6 or 7. I have gotten more out of Pure Barre than I could have ever hoped for. I have gained female friends that I would not have ever met if I didn’t go into auditions. I am able to connect with clients, encourage clients to challenge themselves because ‘great things never come from comfort zones’ (I hope you get my joke), workout with some of my dearest friends, and help people transform their lives by reaching their goals whether that goal is improving their health, gaining strength, losing weight, or being part of an empowered community.

I am grateful more and more every day for the love I have grown for Pure Barre and everything it represents. It is so much more than a workout class or a workout studio. I can truly say it changed my life, brought wonderful people into my life, lifted my seat, toned my abs, and has made my heart so full.

So this is my friendly reminder to you, you’ll never find your passions, meet an awesome girl squad, or grasp who you really are if you sit and overanalyze whether or not to do something……. so make a decision and go for it! It’s okay to not be perfect, to be unsure, to be off rhythm, or to be so nervous you’re smiling like a crazy person to look like you have it all together. Sometimes you don’t need a perfect plan, you just need to go. If there’s something you want or are thinking about often, I encourage you to go for it!



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