My Vanilla Collagen Latte is my ” go-to” drink on my mornings when I have a little extra time. This is maybe a once or twice a week drink for me because I rarely have extra time in the mornings. First off, I have never been a barista so anyone can make this. I have an espresso machine that my mom got me from Amazon a few birthdays ago. It also does have a milk steamer (linked below). ┬áIf you don’t an espresso maker, no worries just make some coffee and seam your milk on your stovetop.

I start out with 2 shots of espresso. I use about 4-6 ounces of almond milk (I don’t really measure, I just estimate). I add 3 Stevia drops and a drop of vanilla to the almond milk. Now it is ready for steaming, but before steaming the almond milk, I add 1 scoop of collagen (the kind I like is linked below) to my hot espresso in my mug and whisk it together. While all of this is going on, I warm up the steamer on my espresso machine so that I can steam my almond milk. To steam the almond milk place the silver mug under the steamer and fully submerge the steamer in the milk. Hold the silver mug until hot on the outside then slowly begin to take the steamer out of the milk. When it is almost to the top, it will begin to froth the milk. Once it is as frothy as you like it or is about to come out of the top of the mug, turn off the steamer. Pour the now steamed milk into the espresso. Ta-Da you’re done! You just saved yourself $4.50 on a latte AND you are helping your skin with the collagen.



PS More info on the book I’m reading coming soon!