Tips on How to Feel Better

It’s about that time of the year when seasonal depression really likes to kick in. Unless you’re in the deep south…..your weather is probably cold, maybe snow, and the sun isn’t shining as much. (Who knew it would snow 7 inches in Nashville ha!).All of the gloom, inspired me to share this post with you in hopes that maybe you will find something that is applicable to your life that you can use starting tomorrow.

If you’re new here, I am a big fan of wellness habits and routines, but also work 40+ hours per week so my wellness habits have to be realistic…. No 4 hour cold plunge, sauna routine here (at least not yet). Below are things I do everyday or almost everyday to make myself feel better whether that is mentally or physically.

  • Drink Water- I know this sounds simple, but you have to drink water and a lot of it. Whether you spice it up by adding lemon and mint or just drink it plain; water is necessary if you want to feel better.
  • Ice rolling- Ice rolling takes 1 minute out of your morning, can be done while making coffee and really wakes you up. This is a quick and easy wellness thing to add to your morning routine.
  • Movement- I know you hear this everywhere or I guess I do, or the algorithm really knows me HA! But some kind of movement everyday will do wonders for your mental and physical health. Find something you like to do is the key part to this, and don’t compare yourself to others. If you don’t want to go to a gym there are many great at home options, YouTube has tons, MWH, and Peloton are some of my favorites. I am a consistent Orangetheory attendee, but that might not work for you, and that’s okay. Find something you enjoy.
  • Journaling– Journaling has become super popular over the last few years… I’ve been journaling in some form or another for well over a decade. It has made a tremendous difference in my mental state and how I talk to myself. Journaling can be tough to start because sometimes you might not know what to write. Well let me assist. Keep it simple and quick. The goal is for you to feel better, not be the world’s best writer (unless that’s your thing). I like to open a spiral notebook, put the date at the top and write whatever I’m thinking; usually this is just a few sentences. Then I write what I am grateful for, who I am sending love to, how I want to feel, who I want to be that day, and affirmations. This takes me roughly 15 minutes and I do it while drinking my coffee in the morning in peace.
  • Audit how you talk to yourself– I like to ask people what they say to themselves in their head and if that person is nice; often times I hear people say that person in their head is really mean…. I would encourage you if you want to feel better even just a little bit, monitor what you say to yourself in your head. Once you have taking time to audit what you’re saying to yourself, try to add in some positivity.
  • Do something you enjoy everyday– Find something you enjoy and do it every day. I love all the things I listed above, but that might not resonate with you and that’s okay. Maybe it’s cooking, maybe it’s music, maybe it’s cleaning, maybe it’s playing with your kids undistracted for 10 minutes… who knows, but if you can find something you enjoy that is good for you; do it everyday.

I hope you were able to take something away from the list above that you are going to try at home. I know for me, feel better takes some time, but is always worth finding those things that you can do to make you feel mentally or physically better. I have found that when I feel mentally better; physically follows suit.

Let me know if you tried any of these.




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