I have been working home for a few years now and I absolutely love it, but at the beginning,I remember it being a pretty big struggle. Prior to working from home, I worked in the restaurant industry, so I chatted with people all day, every day. It took a lot of adjusting for me to not feel depressed with the lack of human interaction I was getting on the day to day…. and now I couldn’t imagine having to go into an office to work again.

Below are some of my tips on working from home.

1) Get an Attitude For Gratitude

If you’re extremely extroverted or have a dope office setting it might be tough to be super pumped about working from home, but attitude is everything. Working from home means no commuting to work, this means you’re getting time back in your life! So friends, sleep in, read a book, cook breakfast, do some yoga, and use that time to your advantage. Let’s also not forget the most important thing to remember, PANTS ARE OPTIONAL AND SO IS A BRA. Obviously, if you need to be on video, your upper body needs to be looking like a snack, but pants are definitely optional, and bonus that means less laundry.

2) Make Your Bed

I am not the tidiest person when it comes to my home, but I make my bed every day. This will start your day off with a successful task already completed. This can really set the tone for the rest of the day.

3) Have a Designated Workspace

I understand you might not have a desk if this isn’t your normal routine, but set up a space to work, and treat it as your “office”. It is always best to NOT work from where you sleep; so try somewhere other than your bed if possible. (Beds are meant for two things sleeping and extracurricular activities)

4) Know How You Work Best

This might sound kind of odd if you’ve always worked in an office, but lighting can change an entire mood. This mean natural light or office light? I prefer natural light, having the windows open and me seeing the sunshine automatically brightens my entire day.

“Small deliberate morning changes can cause a massive impact to the rest of your day, your productivity, and overall wellbeing.”

5)  Take Breaks

You know in an office it is so rare that you work 8 hours. Think about all those times you talk to Susan from HR, make a trip to the cafeteria, or when you just stare into space…. Well now, instead of doing that, take a break, move your body, and drink water…. maybe even make a bangin’ playlist to get you through the workday. You also will learn how truly efficient you can be.

6)  Communicate With Others

It can be so easy to feel very alone when working from home. Make sure you take care of yourself mentally and emotionally. Call your friends, your parents, have a Facetime lunch date, virtually work out with your workout buddy, journal, write down what you did good, and remember you’re never alone with all the technology we now have available.

As always, thanks for reading!