Tips for Attending a Corepower Yoga Sculpt Class

If you follow me on social media, you know I am a big fan of workout classes or if you’re new hear; welcome…. Hi I’m Madison, and I consider myself a group fitness fanatic. I wasn’t always into group fitness, really, I wasn’t always into any type of fitness, but that’s an entirely different blog post.

One of my favorite workouts to do when I am in a city that has Corepower (there are tons of these in Denver for my Denver babes), is to take a yoga sculpt class. Yoga sculpt is a combination of weights and yoga in a hot room. I think it’s the best sweat and a massive hit of dopamine.

Here is what you need to know if you are considering attending your first class.

1)  Show up 10-15 minutes early. Showing up early is crucial. You want to ensure you give yourself enough time to feel comfortable and set up your space. I like to be by the mirrors in the studios, so showing up early is a must. Plus, these classes are super popular so if you don’t show up early, you might end up having to squeeze in somewhere in the room you don’t feel comfortable.

2) Take a towel, yoga mat, and massive water. Typically, the rooms for a yoga sculpt class are at 85 degrees +…. prepare to sweat! You’ll want a nice yoga mat that you don’t slip around on when you sweat (mine is linked below), along with your towel to dry your sweat and water to keep you hydrated.

3) Pick out your two sets of weights according to your fitness level. In yoga sculpt, you use two sets of weights: a light and a heavy. I usually use 3 or 4-pound weights for my light weights and 5 to 7 pounds for my heavies. If you’re a big weightlifter, this might sound light, but once you start with weights, you don’t put them down very often. Most teachers also try to burn out muscles, so you have a lot of time under tension. For reference, in my Orangetheory classes, I can curl 15 pounds weights, but I wouldn’t dream of picking up 15-pound weights for a sculpt class because of the format. (Make sure to ask the front desk when you check in where the weights are if you haven’t been to that studio before.

4) Grab a block. I love using a block in a sculpt class and for stretching. Not all instructors will tell you to grab a block, but I’ve found it can make the class a little spicier if that’s the vibe you want. Personally, if we are doing bicep curls on our knees, I like to put the block between my inner thighs and squeeze it…. I’m all about a little extra inner thigh work.

5)  Say hi to the person next to you or give them a compliment. If you are in a crowded class, I would always say hi to the person next to you or compliment their outfit. It will make them feel better but will also put you at ease being acquainted with the person next to you. Sometimes it can be intimidating to start a new workout routine or to try a new class. It makes it much easier to enjoy yourself and do what works for you if you feel comfortable with the people around you.

    I hope that if you were nervous about your first yoga sculpt class, this makes you feel more prepared and less anxious. If you want more in-depth tips about what poses are typical or what cues to really focus on, let me know!

    Want the Outfit I have on?

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    As always, thanks for reading!