If I were to choose my favorite meal of the day, it would be breakfast. I love all things about breakfast you can do sweet, you can do savory, and it’s still wonderful. It’s also really easy to take in a lot of unhealthy calories at breakfast and not feel full all morning.  I love pancakes, french toast, and waffles the best. I have tried various recipes and have decided that this is my personal favorite pancake recipe.

This recipe is easy and efficient. I don’t like breakfast recipes that are time-consuming. The morning is the time to get your day going and get a move on. I also am always late because I snoozed my alarm 10 times (no joke sometimes I actually snooze my alarm 10 times) so a time-consuming breakfast isn’t for me.



1 Egg

1 Scoop Protein (I use Fitmiss Delight Vanilla Chia)

1/2 Tsp. Cinnamon

1/4 C. Unsweetened Almond Milk

3 Eggs Whites

1/2 Tsp Chia Seeds

1/4 C. Oats

Coconut Oil Non-Stick Cooking Spray

Preheat a medium or small-sized pan on medium heat. Spray with the Coconut Oil Non-Stick Cooking Spray. While the pan is heating up, whisk all of the ingredients together. This should take a couple of minutes while your pan heats up. Pour the entire batter into the pan. You’re only making one pancake, so wait for the bubbles to completely pop on the pancake then flip. You could time this out to about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes on each side depending on how hot your medium heat is. How easy is that? Your pancake is done. But wait there’s more…

I think the topping really makes this pancake. I put about 1 Tbs of Peanut Butter on my pancake. I get me Peanut Butter from Trader Joe’s. It is reasonably priced and has minimal ingredients, the fewer ingredients the better.



1/2  C. Strawberries

1/4 C. Blueberries

3 Drops of Raw Honey

1 Tbs. Water

Coconut Oil Non-Stick Cooking Spray

Just like the pancake, the Fruit Syrup Glaze is easy! Preheat a small pan on medium heat, and spray with Coconut Oil Non-Stick Cooking Spray. While that’s heating up, wash & dry your fruit. Slice your strawberries to your desire. Put your fruit in the pan, and the 3 drops of Raw Honey. You can add more honey, but I don’t like mine to be too sweet. I let this cook for about 2-3 minutes, stirring occasionally. When it starts to bubble, add in the water. I let it cook for another 2 minutes until it is a nice glaze then pour it over my pancake.

Once you are really good at multitasking in the kitchen, you can make the Pancake and Fruit Syrup Glaze at the same time. Sometimes this is still too much going on at once for me lol. I am not the best multitasker.

I would love to know your favorite breakfast recipe or if you make this pancake. As always thank you so much for reading.