Learning to Love the Process

When I began my personal growth journey, a common theme I heard was, “Learn to love the process”. At the time, I was primarily focused on pageants and fitness, not business or mindset, but it has stuck with me and translated into every area of my life. The “process” started with learning to love going to the gym, and now I am frequently smiling in the middle of a workout, or giving myself the biggest positivity boost ever when I’m running. (If you’re new here, I have lost over 35 pounds since graduating college). Then it translated to affirmations and believing that I was more than even I realized…. shortly after that to transitioned to my mindset and eventually to my businesses & blog. I would be completing BSing you if it was easy to start or easy

to, stay on course all the time. The last two weeks I have felt in a slump with my blog, and truthfully like my brain/focus was everywhere else but writing. I also was sick for a week so I am sure that didn’t help, and I haven’t felt disciplined or motivated with my blog lately…. 3 years is a long time to be working on a project, and still not have the results you want which is where I am at with this blog.

Then, today it hit me…. Learn to love the process.

The process of how you want your life to look and feel is so much more than the goals or destinations you have for yourself. So many of us have financial goals (I do too), but what really matters to me is how I get there. If someone handed me the exact dollar amount that I have for a financial goal…..I would not be nearly as fulfilled as if I would’ve achieved that myself with my own strategies.

It’s in the process that you find out who you really are. The process is hard, the process is sticky, the process is where you decide if you are going to be great and successful by your own measure. For me, how I feel about myself and my work is how I determine success….also known as the process.

I know I talk a lot about goals, but what if I told you 80% of the time, I fall short of my goals. I’m sure now you’re thinking, “well better unfollow this girl because she’s been talking about goals for years and now is saying she falls short”.

I do fall short of my goals, but I do consider myself to be a successful person because of how I look at success. Success to me is how I show up every day. This is the process of working, trying new things, growing, learning, and not being afraid to pivot. We are often taught that success is determined by how much money we make, the car we drive, our Instagram followers, how we look, our job title, or what ‘class’ we fall into. Personally, I think this is the most misleading concept EVER. Success isn’t determined by society, it’s determined by you and how you view the process of your life.

Every person is different in what they want from life and what they care about, but if you love the process of every day and try to improve every day you are successful. What if you shifted your mindset to be focused on the process and learning to enjoy the process?

I know that things will happen in my business and in life that will suck and I won’t understand at the time, but I have learned to shift my mindset to embrace the difficult times because I know it’s all just part of the process of growing into my best self.

I would love to know you would define your own success and how you view the process of your life.

As always, thank you for reading!



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