How to set Yourself up for a Successful Morning

I’ll just say it. Mornings are demanding, and waking up is hard. If you follow me on social media, you might think I love the mornings because you consistently see me posting getting up at 6 am and doing morning workouts, but when it comes to waking up….. it’s tough. A habit I learned from my parents about a successful morning is that morning really starts the night before…. allow me to elaborate.

Since mornings are hard,  I like to do as much as I can the night before. Typically, my mornings are a standard routine, so I know exactly what I am doing. I like this because I can’t get out of bed and start thinking. I get out of bed and just try to function, ha!

Can you relate?

I like to work out and journal in the mornings before getting into my day. Knowing that I want to accomplish these tasks in the morning means I need to prepare the night before. I start by scheduling my workout and getting my workout clothes ready. Next, I put my workout outfit in the bathroom so I can put my clothes on directly after washing my face, brushing my teeth, and putting my contacts in. I program my coffee to start brewing at exactly 6am. Smelling the coffee begin to brew is an extra incentive for me to get out of bed. (yes, I’m addicted).

Successful morning inspoAnother thing I do is fill up a big water and put it by my bed at night. When I wake up, I can start to hydrate immediately. This saves me a trip downstairs which saves me time. By the time I get downstairs with Hartli (she typically gets up with me and wants to go outside before I leave for the gym), I am ready for the gym, coffee, journaling, and praying. To keep my journaling and praying efficient, I keep my journal and prayer book in the same spot every day. My entire routine takes less than 1 hour because I prepare the night before.

The last and most important thing I do or try to do is go to bed at a decent hour. I try to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. I know this amount of sleep sets me up for success, so if I am going to be up at 6 am, I try to be in bed by 9-10 pm.

The tiniest prep can make the morning so much easier. How does this help you if you don’t work out in the morning or have time for an hour routine…  Think of anything you could do the night before that would simplify the morning. If you get up and head directly to work, maybe this looks like having your outfit picked out, your lunch ready to be packed up, and your beverage of choice on an auto brew. If you work out after work, this might look like having your gym bag packed and ready to go the night before. Whatever your morning looks like, I hope you can use one of these recommendations to help set yourself up for a successful morning.

As always, thank you for reading!



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