Welcome to the 2023 Gift Guide Season!

Welcome to gift guide season. In previous years, I’ve always wanted to do a gift guide but got too busy to get it accomplished…. But not this year! This year I am prioritizing these gift guides to help make your holiday season a little easier.

I am a huge gift giver. I take pride in giving amazing gifts. To me, gifts are a way of showing you know someone. Something I like to do all throughout the year is take notes on my phone about things people like or talk about, this can be something as simple as my sister-in-law talking about how she needs new recipes or my best friend telling me about a candle she found that she likes. I like to write these things down during the year so I have so go-to options that are special for each person.

For this gift guide, I figured we would start with one for the wellness babes. I am very much in my wellness routine every morning 5:45am to 9:30am are my wellness hours. These products are all things I love and hopefully your wellness babe will too.

Happy Shopping!

As always, thanks for reading!