Favorite Trader Joe’s Finds

Like Amazon… I am obsessed with Trader Joe’s. If you live close to a Trader Joe’s and have never shopped there, you are missing out! I shop at Trader Joe’s at least once a week. I usually can keep it pretty cheap, and get really high-quality food. Below are some of my favorite Trader Joe finds, I’d love to hear your favorites too!

My number 1, absolute FAVORITE thing from Trader Joe’s is Everything Bagel Spice. This spice can seriously be used on anything. I can take simple scrambled eggs or egg whites to a bangin’ meal with this spice. I like to eat healthily, and this spice really helps with that. This spice is such a GAME-CHANGER, especially for breakfast!  My personal favorite thing to add this spice to is Avocado Toast with an Egg on top… get in my belly!

Another one of my favorite Trader Joe’s finds is Cauliflower Pizza Crust.

The brand that I get is just the Trader Joe’s brand in a white box. I would love to make Cauliflower Pizza Crust from scratch, but it takes a lot of work, it’s very time-consuming and makes a HUGE mess……. let’s be honest cleaning the kitchen isn’t something I enjoy doing so the less mess the better! This Cauliflower Pizza Crust is Gluten Free, made with Cauliflower and Corn Flour. If I am making Cauliflower Pizza for dinner, I just plan on picking up the crust day of. The crust is best/easiest to work with when it is already thawed out which is exactly how I buy it from the store.I like to make this dinner as a date night……. Ladies, if you’ve been dating someone casually for a while, and want to really just seal the deal and make it official, make this dinner.  Trust me, it worked for me. Cauliflower Pizza is a very ‘WOWING” meal, but with this already made crust, it’s also so simple to make and clean up. I think of it as a win, win. I have made various types of Cauliflower Pizza. I have two favorite recipes for my Cauliflower Pizza. One recipe is sweet, the other is savory (like the one on the right). The sweet recipe has pear, brie, purple onions, and mushrooms. My savory recipe has Mariana sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, fresh basil, tomatoes, and pepperoni. If you’re interested in a tutorial/breakdown on the recipes for this pizza, let me know!

Matcha, Matcha, Matcha…. right now there is so much hype about Matcha. I’ve been drinking Matcha since college. I was introduced to it by my college roommate Cassidy. I typically drink Matcha in my Green Tea Latte with Almond Milk and Sweetener from Starbucks. However, I don’t think daily $5 coffees are a good use of money… so at Trader Joe’s I found a Matcha mix that is so yummy, and easy to make at home. I follow the directions exactly and add it with Unsweetened Almond Milk. You can make it iced or hot. I like mine hot because I am ALWAYS cold. I just make it on the stovetop while making breakfast or cleaning the kitchen.

Trader Joe’s has so many wonderful finds. I don’t buy my full grocery list from there, but it is my favorite store. I could really spend so much time in the store looking through everything, and reading labels… yes I am one of those people 🙂 I almost forgot to mention… Trader Joe’s flowers are wonderful! They are cheap, easily stay alive for a week, and they’re a great addition to any table or kitchen.

I hope you now have reason to check out Trader Joe’s if you’ve never been, or some fun new things to try from there.




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