I am back with another crockpot favorite. This time, White Bean Chicken Chili. I consider this a hearty chili since I add cream cheese to thicken it up. This is a chili that I would happily make at my parents’ house because this variation is not too spicy…. And, well my dad is weak when it comes to spice. Ha! (Don’t worry I have options for spicing it up).

Crockpot White Bean Chicken Chili Ingredients

2 chicken breasts

3 can white beans (15 ounces), rinsed and drained

2 cups chicken broth

1 diced onion

1 can of corn, drained

Minced garlic

2 cans of diced green chilis hot or mild

1 Tsp dried oregano

1 Tsp chili flakes

½ Tsp chili powder

¼ Tsp pepper

¼ onion powder

4 ounces of cream cheese


Shredded white cheddar cheese



Sour cream


Add Jalapenos for more spice


Crockpot White Bean Chicken Chili Directions

1.    Turn your crockpot on low or high (for high 4 hour cook time, for low 8 hour cook time)

2.  Add your 2 chicken breasts, white beans (blend for 30 seconds, watch the video below for reference), chicken   broth, diced onion, corn, garlic, spices, and green chilis.

3.    Allow your chili to took for either 4 or 8 hours depending on the temperature you chose. 10 minutes before serving add in your cream cheese allow to melt.

4.    Serve your chili once the cream cheese is melted and stirred in, add your favorite toppings and enjoy!


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