Create a Happiness List

This week on my personal growth challenge, our theme of the week was to: create a happiness list and do one thing off of the list this week.

I wanted to share this with my full audience and take a real deep dive into a happiness list and how simple it really is.

If someone asked you, “Hey, what makes you happy?”, what do you immediately think?

Since I’ve started making happiness lists, I can tell you off the top of my head a few things that make me so happy and my heart so full, but before I started making these lists, I probably would’ve said something like traveling or making money. Yes, both of those things make me happy, but the purpose of a happiness list is to appreciate the small things and to be really specific.

Traveling and making money aren’t specific. If you told me traveling makes you happy, I’d ask you why and have you dig deeper because usually, there is something specific about traveling that may be the simplest thing that is at the root of why it makes you feel that way. For me, traveling makes me happy because of the connections you can make. I absolutely love connecting with people; whether that’s who I’m traveling with, or to, or meeting someone brands new you can vibe with while drinking margs on the beach or going for a hike in the rainforest. If you’ve ever spent time with me in person, you know I love to ask questions. I like to know things about the people that surround me, it allows me to be open and be who I am. Through that openness and vulnerability, that’s how you create a true connection.

If someone asked you, “Hey, what makes you happy?” what do you immediately think?

Anyway, back to the happiness list; I have decided to share my happiness list with you all (or I guess I should say part of my happiness list). I try to do something that makes me happy every day or make sure I appreciate something that makes me happy every day. I think life can seem extremely difficult if you don’t enjoy it. Finding the glimmers of light and positivity is what it’s all about.

My Happiness List (in no particular order)

»   Cuddling Hartli/Petting Her Before We Fall Asleep

»   Taking Hartli on a Walk in the Sunshine

»   My Morning Journal

»   Working Out/Being Active

»   Having my Nails Done

»   Creating Positive Connections

»   White Converse (I realize this sounds odd, but that’s me. Anyways, I love a white shoe specifically converse. I get a bright, open vibe from them which I love)

»   Coffee (Not just for the caffeine, but coffee to me has a vibe, it’s hot, it’s cozy, it’s comforting – all things I love)

»   Cooking for my Family and Friends

»   Motivational Quotes, Reading, Finding Things that are Inspiring

When you read my list, first, I would hope you didn’t bring your judgment along, because this is my list, not yours. Your list should absolutely be different, and that’s the best part about this. I also hope you realized how simple the majority of that list is. At the end of the day, money doesn’t bring happiness and neither does comparing your life to someone else’s. Sure, you’re not going to be happy every second of every day because life isn’t easy, but I encourage you to make your own happiness list and do those things!

The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters” –Audrey Hepburn




As always, thanks for reading!