Over the weekend, I posted an Instagram story about the closet organization I did on Saturday…. being organized is so helpful, even though I am definitely a work in progress on maintaining organization…. Currently, I describe my organization as organized chaos, can you relate?

I technically have two closets right now, in two different homes which I have found to be challenging. I partially live at my apartment and partially at my boyfriend’s house and recently I realized how annoying it is to not have any idea where specific clothes and shoes are…. so yep, you guessed it – that annoyance inspired my closet organization.

In this post, I will share how I organized my closet for under $100 along with a link to everything I used. Hopefully, you can take some tips away to use in your own closet organization or you might just realize that you’re more organized than me and should be giving me tips. Ha! (If that’s the case, please DM me. I’m always open to better ideas.)

First things first, what you need. I have linked everything for you – the hanging organizer, the shoe rack, and the felt hangers. I don’t have a dresser so everything needed to fit directly in my closet.

The Closet Methodology

Felt Hangers

As you can tell from this photo, the felt hangers allow more items to be hung in a smaller space, and … I don’t really have much space for hanging clothes. When it came to my hanging items I was very strategic about how they were placed in the closet … first jackets/hoodies, then color-coded regular clothes, and lastly workout tops. I wear workout clothes every day so having them at close easy access seemed necessary, and there really is nothing I love more than a color-coded closet. If you are tight on hanging space, I would absolutely recommend you get some felt hangers. ( You can thank me later).

Hanging Organizer

Typically, I’d want something a little more girly in my closet, but this organizer had incredible reviews on Amazon and seemed to be exactly what I needed…. and that it was. This organizer is way better than the just square box hanging organizers that everyone has in college…. or was that just me. Ha! This organizer has drawers and separates. I was able to put socks in one small drawer, undies in the drawer next to it, split bras into the drawer below (sports bras and regular bras separated with a divider, and rolled all of my yoga pants in another drawer. To my surprise the organizer was amazing. The organizer even has little pouches on the sides.  I don’t have anything in the pouches yet, but I am thinking jewelry or scrunchies would be the perfect fit.

Shoe Rack

Last but not least is the shoe rack. I found an amazing shoe rack on Amazon and figured ‘why not’. . . The shoe rack did not disappoint. I really don’t have anything remarkably out of the ordinary to say about this shoe rack other than it was reasonably priced and I desperately needed it. I had shoes thrown all over the closet with no organization at all…. and well everyone needs a shoe rack.

I hope you were able to take something away from my closest organization adventure. I wish I had a before picture because then you would really be able to see the progress that was made.

As always thank you for reading!