Tips for Starting a Workout Routine

Tips for starting a workout routine

If you follow me on social media now, you are probably thinking, “what tips can Madison really give me on starting a workout routine? She works out every day.” Let me start by saying, creating a workout routine has taken me years. I tried creating a healthy routine starting way back in college (almost eight […]

5 Tips for Your First Pure Barre Class

As someone who loves group fitness, I also find it intimidating to try a new workout class. I personally, always have a little anxiety before trying a new class or going to a new studio. I typically, go through every scenario in my head about to expect and Google a million things to be prepared. […]

Quarantine Fitness

At the beginning of Quarantine, I think I had a minor panic moment when I realized that I could potentially not be doing fitness for months… and it could potentially be changed forever. To you, it might not seem like a big deal, but to me, it was a big deal. Fitness classes and going […]

Lacking Fitness Motivation?

I recently was asked by one of my sweet pageant friends… “Do you ever feel burned out that you have to keep up with working out and eating healthy most of the time?” When I thought about it, and it really inspired me to share this post; so thank you, Ala. First, I think it […]

Why I started teaching Pure Barre

This week I taught my 200th class at Pure Barre Stapleton since December, and this really got me reflecting back on why I started, and where I was in my life when I started. I should really start out by saying, I had never taken a Pure Barre class before going to Pure Barre Auditions […]

Let’s Talk Boutique Fitness

If you aren’t familiar with the term boutique fitness, these are the studios that typically specialize in one or two types of fitness. A few examples are Pure Barre, Shift Cycle, Orange Theory, Corepower Yoga, along many others. Boutique fitness…….you either love it or you hate it… or you are too scared to go. For […]