Amazon Travel Carry-On Must Haves

As you know, the holidays are coming in hot, which means most of us will be traveling. The holidays bring a significant amount of joy, but also a significant amount of stress. If you’re traveling on an airplane, I recommend always having your most important items in your carry-on…. It’s a real doomsday scenario if you checked bag gets lost and you have zero essentials (I’ve had this happen…it was the worst).

In this post, I have put together my Amazon carry-on must-haves. I have plenty of must-haves for your carry-on, but this is Amazon specific.

First up, my Stanley, hydration is a must, especially during the holidays or traveling. I am obsessed with my Stanley. I didn’t fully understand the hype until I got one, but it’s well worth it.. and you know as they say, “Hot people drink water” (HA who knows where I heard that).

Next up, the claw clip. If you have long hair, you know how easy these claw clips can make a quick updo, but for me… I like to use the claw clip for my hair when I do my skincare routine in the morning and evening. (If you’re interested in learning about that routine, click here CLEARSTEM.

Then we have my favorite combo, the Skinny Confidential ice roller and my eye patches.  Depuffing after traveling is a necessity for me. I’ve been using an ice roller since 2017 and this ice roller is the best on the market, but you can use any ice roller.  I like to use the ice roller, followed by the eye patches then have my morning coffee while letting my eye patches do their thing. My morning routine is huge for me regardless of where I am, and these two items are staples. 

Last but not least, a portable charger. Everyone needs a portable charger… whether its ordering an Uber, your family texting you, or you just want to scroll… a dead phone battery is never fun.

I hope this Amazon Carry-on must-haves helps you strategically plan your carry-on for your holiday travel.

As always, thanks for reading!