I love the new year. It feels to me like a new book when you open it for the first time. I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions. I am a huge believer in making changes to live the life you want to live and be the person you want to be at any moment, not just on January 1st. I do, however, like new challenges and action plans.

Goals are great, but what is a goal with an action plan and execution? I’d say without an action plan and execution it’s a dream. For 2019, I’ve started a few action plans that I’ll share at the end of 2019. It will be fun to see what the results are, and how my goals evolve throughout the year.
Additionally, this year I have also decided to have a word. This means that I will constantly remind myself of this word throughout the year. My word for 2019 is focus. It is incredibly difficult for me to focus sometimes. My brain goes a million miles a minute from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed. This as I’m sure you can guess has its pros and cons. I’m never bored, and never without something to do. This is where my word from 2019 comes in, FOCUS. A few areas of my life where I want to bring focus to is scrolling through social media. I have a bad habit of checking Instagram for no reason when I should be focused on something else. I also want to focus on being in the moment whether that moment is in the gym, bonding with family, or at Miss Colorado USA events. Does anyone else have a word for 2019?!



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