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Battling the Winter Blues

winter blues

Here we are in the beginning of February and the winter seems to have no end. The weather here in Syracuse is cold, wet, rainy, snowy, and slushy. The snow banks turn an awful shade of gray. The sun seems to be forever behind the clouds.

What probably makes it worse is that I know spring will come but it just isn’t coming fast enough. I find my motivation to do anything waning and I have to push myself even harder. I tell myself, this will end, the sun will come out. I will see grass again.

These are the days I am glad I have a schedule, and friends who get me to the gym! But, who also won’t chastise me for missing a day.

Picking Myself Up

When having a bad day, or a bad week or even a month, I try to put things into perspective. Only I can change how I am dealing with it. I don’t mean depression here. I am not a professional and while some of these suggestions may work for you, I unfortunately do not have the cure all. Just what’s worked for me when I am down.

Getting a New Haircut

Lucky me, my appointment fell on this week. For me, it’s my quiet time, to get a little pampered and the best part is my stylist is my cousin, so it makes it that much better!

Find a Creative Outlet

I went to Painting with a Twist. I’m not the best painter, but hanging out with friends, drinking a little wine, and having a new painting for the house does wonders for my mood!

painting with a twist


Who doesn’t love shopping? It doesn’t have to be a crazy amount of money. I spent $20 on the items below and without leaving my house.

I also bought a few items from Amazon – you know – to pick up my spirits! I am an Amazon Affiliate and do receive compensation for ads on my site, but my reviews of products are honest and sincere.

My daughter bought a pair of $10 rain boots from Amazon. Which I was a little skeptical about, but sometimes you can really find great deals. I love that they slip right on my feet, and the tongue is attached so water doesn’t get in! And, I received so many compliments on them.

I also bought a set of tension bands because I love using them at the gym. I found some exercises I wanted to try. And, since I don’t often workout at home, I think this will be a great way to incorporate fitness at home. I love that it comes with a pouch.


I struggled this week. But, it was in that struggle that I realized how much I love going to the gym. I didn’t want to wake up to go to my morning spin class, but I did. And, even though the room was too hot, and I sweated way more than any human being would ever want to – I felt a sense of accomplishment. And, I believe when you make it through a tough workout, it becomes a sort of magic token – a reminder for future challenges. I made it through that one – I can make it through this.

spinning, fitness

I still did my Facebook Challenge – Superman’s, Squats and Twists. Rachel from Running On Happy does such a great job with her challenges. She is supportive and encouraging. I was so grateful to have this extra push this week.

My fitness class has become a habit. I don’t even question if I will go or not. I am slowly building in my cardio and before I know it that will be a habit too. I really didn’t believe I would ever get to the point where exercising would be a staple in my life. It has given me confidence, endurance and has made my winter blues so much less dramatic.

Looking Ahead

I faked it until I made it. I found things I enjoyed doing. With my mind pre-occupied on gym, friends, and family, I made it through this week and had fun doing it.

What types of things do you do when stuck in a rut or just need a pick me up?

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