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Fitness Progress

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It is two weeks into my fitness goals and my fitness progress has went pretty well! I bought a new pair of shoes, reached some goals, and I am determined as ever! Game on.

Week One Recap

  • I drink enough water on gym days but I still haven’t got into the habit of remembering to bring my water bottle to work.
  • My Fit Class is going great! I have a tendency to round my shoulders as I start reaching fatigue. I’m practicing awareness and correction, but it’s not always easy.
  • I missed spin class. I had a well needed massage on Friday. I did not realize how tense my legs and back were – I took a few days off to recoup.
  • The Facebook Burpees, Plank and Push Up Challenge is almost ending. It is kind of sad because it keeps me motivated to exercise at home. But after doing 90 of each exercise I was also looking forward to the break!
  • My pull-ups are improving….slowly, very, very slowly…

Win of the Week

I love my new Brooks Running sneakers! This is my first pair so I’m super excited to start using them! They are lightweight and comfy. My only complaint on my last pair of shoes (another brand) is they felt heavy. With these I feel like I’m walking on clouds! (I am not an affiliate nor do I get paid to say any of this).

My heels tilt inwards so finding a stability shoe was a necessity. So far my legs feel great while running. Also, a shout out to Fleet Feet in Syracuse. As always the staff is patient, knowledgeable and helpful! And, their new foot scanner is super cool!

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Week Two Recap

  • I think I need a flashing sign to remember my water. Or a sign, any sign will do…
  • One of my favorite things about Fit Class, besides being able to workout with my friends, is being able to notice progress. Not only has the amount of weight I can lift increased, but my balance and confidence has increased threefold. This class has become a staple to maintaining my fitness.
  • Planning to go spin class has not worked out. Spontaneously deciding to go, seems to work better. Who would of thunk?
  • I did just under an hour of walking/jogging on the treadmill. Managed to get a 5k done. Running has really been my slowest progress. I’m trying to be patient. I did start listening to music and I have found a good running song does wonders for my motivation. I am looking for more songs so please comment with your suggestions!
  • The Burpees, Planks and Push Up Channing’s ended and I was so excited Running on Happy decided to do another Facebook Challenge – Superman, Squats and Twists!
  • Pull-ups are still gradually increasing…..slowly….

Win of Week

Doing 100 Burpees of course!! After I finished, I felt worn down, exhausted. I needed a nap and a bottle of wine. But, I felt such accomplishment and proud that I put my mind to something and followed it through. I often say “I can’t do such and such” or “I’d never be able to do that”. And in all reality, I am just afraid of failing. So get out there. Try something new. Something hard. Something challenging. You may surprise yourself!

Do you have a win of the week?

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25 thoughts on “Fitness Progress

  1. Congrats on completing the burpee challenge! I am horrible at drinking water at work, even with my cup right on my desk. :-/

  2. Oh yea that me! Even to to water my plant that sits on the corner of my desk – guess it’s just too far to reach!

  3. I absolutely love the new Adrenaline! They have all the stability, but they are so lightweight and breathable. It was a huge win for Brooks with this one.

    Sometimes, spontaneous classes are just what you need. I get over scheduled sometimes, so it’s good to just decide to get out and go.

    COngratulations on all those burpees!

  4. I definitely commend you on the 100 burpees. I couldn’t imagine it. I’d have to break them up and maybe do 4 per hour. Lol. My pull ups suck because I haven’t even tried them in awhile but I wasn’t great when I was trying. I need to maybe look into a stability shoe as well. Not sure if I knew that was a thing but my feet are abnormal and I get plantar fasciitis so I need to find some solutions. Great job!

  5. I couldn’t either! I absolutely hated burpees when I started but I’ve grown to not mind them that much! I would definitely check out Fleet Feet – they were so helpful! Plantar fasciitis sucks! So sorry to hear!!

  6. I actually have one there. But some how walking to the water fountain down the hall is too far (not really) but maybe with an alarm I would actually fill it.

  7. I have to set alarms and reminders for myself to remember to do things more often than I’d like to admit! And I really like those Brooks. So pretty. 🙂

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