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Fitness Bloggers Unite

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I am excited to announce, I created a Facebook Group, Fitness Bloggers Unite for my fellow fitness bloggers!

I am new to the blogging world, but so far I love it! It has been rewarding to share my journey, but I also love being part of the blogging community! There are disadvantages to being a newbie. You don’t know all the rules, the best methods, what to do or not to. It can be overwhelming. The same can be said for fitness, a new job, becoming a parent or even just being an adult.

That’s what I love about community, especially a supportive one. You learn together, you grow together and hopefully you become successful together. Without the helpful advice from others, I doubt I would have been able to even set up my blog. Or understand how to effectively use social media. Or affiliate marketing. Or the importance of a email list. Or a calendar.

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The same can be said about a fitness journey. I am positive if I had started my fitness journey solo, I would have given up long ago. I wouldn’t know running shoes do matter, how to use correct form, and that yes, rest is needed. Not only does community help you learn but it also gives you a sense of belonging. They cheer you up when your beating yourself down or to celebrate your successes.

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And, that’s why I made a Fitness Bloggers Unite. Not because I am expert on the subject of either one, but because I wanted to create a space to encourage one other. To share experiences, good and bad. To learn from one another and to grow. And, also because while I found some really great groups already, there seems to be an overload of click for click groups. Those who are only in the group to get page views and followers. Yes, I want more views and more followers but I also want substance and engagement!

Join Us!

So, if you are a fitness blogger and looking for a supportive and engaging group, please head over to my Facebook group, Fitness Bloggers Unite.

I also have to thank my fellow fitness blogger Ray from Superpowers Sold Separately for agreeing to be an administrator. Her willingness gave me the push I needed to make this a reality! Thank you Ray!!!

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