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Why do I feel guilty for taking a rest day?

rest days
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Everyone needs their rest days. So why do I feel so guilty when I don’t go to the gym? I kicked butt this week.

I worked on my cardio doing both interval and steady heart rate, had two 1 hour gym classes, and did every day of my KILLER burpee, push-up plank challenge. (This week was 70 of everything!) And yet still, I am being hard on myself.

I’m trying to ignore it, but it’s hard. Perhaps it is because I am finally finding my rhythm and seeing progress in my workouts. My strength is increasing, my endurance is progressing. I had planned on doing an additional day on Saturday or Sunday, but I can feel my muscles telling me to relax. The last thing I want to do is hurt myself, or push myself too hard. Part of me says, are you crazy, why wouldn’t you need a rest day? So why can’t I just head that advice.

I am getting some housework done, laundry, picking up the clutter that has collected already in the new year. I’m working on my blog. Reading. Drinking too much coffee and trying to get down all of my water. I even hung up my race board my daughter bought me.

runners board

Trying to feel productive. Remembering, there needs to be balance. Give and take. Fast and slow. Trying to ignore that little voice in my head. Telling it to shut up and take a damn rest day and enjoy it!

Does anyone else feel guilty during their rest days or am I just crazy?

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4 thoughts on “Why do I feel guilty for taking a rest day?

  1. I think it is only natural to feel that way. However you know that you have to give your muscles time to recover. Sometimes we push ourselves so hard that we often forget – it’s ok to slow down from time to time. Rest is just as important as exercise. You’re human – it happens. 😉

  2. No need to feel guilty. You have been consistent and making progress in your workouts. Now it is time to take a moment to let your body rest.

  3. Thank you for the encouragement! I’m glad I took the rest days – I need my energy today!

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