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How Social Media Can Help Your Fitness Game

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I don’t know about you, but I can use as much help as I can with my fitness goals! Starting my blog has really opened my eyes to wealth of knowledge and information out there regarding fitness. It’s not just YouTube videos and paid subscriptions. It’s now easier, more accessible and user friendly!

Here are a few ways I have been utilizing social media to help my fitness game:

Facebook Groups

On Wednesday, I started a group Facebook challenge called Burpees, Plank Push-up Challenge put on by I really love this challenge because 1) you aren’t in it by yourself, 2) it keeps you accountable and 3) it puts a little fitness in your day! I encourage you to check out her blog or join one of the many fitness challenges she has.

You can also find similar groups and challenges by using the search function in Facebook.

Here I am doing Day 3 Challenge of 90 second plank



I started by finding people I admired and eventually joined a few Instagram fitness groups. The support and encouragement really help when I am struggling. I love finding other people who enjoy working out. We as women should support one another. Those whose goals are both less and more than ours!

The most recent blog I started following from Instagram is at Fitbybrit_ . She is a personal trainer, has a rockin’ build, and is humble and inspirational! Her Instagram has videos of her workouts or you can also follow her story at MyFitFabFun which I love!



I have also started creating my Pinterest boards to give me ideas for workouts at home. I usually go to the gym, but it’s always good to have a back-up plan for when you are short on time, unable to go the gym or the weather is too cold or too hot.

So reach out, join groups, make new friends! At first, I admit I was a little intimidated by some of their fitness levels, but everyone I have reached out to has been supportive and encouraging. And besides, to be the best, it helps to learn from the best!

How do you use social media to help your goals? Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to be featured in a upcoming blogpost or just want to connect!

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10 thoughts on “How Social Media Can Help Your Fitness Game

  1. The accountability of putting your fitness goals out there is really helpful. It got me going to the gym yesterday even when the location closest to me was closed.

  2. That’s awesome! Great post. Integrating social media into your fitness routine is great because it gives you a community you can get inspired by, learn from, and connect with. I love your list!

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