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Fitness Progress – Week 2

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Week two of my fitness goals has come and gone. But, I’m still here. I am hoping next week is better with the holidays behind me. I still can’t complain. The fact that I did anything at all is more than I did last year at this time!

Week 2

December 25 – 31, 2017

Monday – I took the day off for Christmas of course!

Tuesday – I went to the gym and did 45 minutes on the elliptical, 25 push ups and a 2:25 plank.

I haven’t been on an elliptical in about 6 months so I was pleasantly surprised how much easier it was. I still prefer the treadmill but it was a nice switch! I also beat my time for push ups and my plank! This was a yay me day!!

Wednesday – I had the busiest day EVER at work. I counted that as my cardio. I was trying to count my steps with my Apple Watch- however, it was giving me problems charging. This is my only complaint about this watch. I have to charge it everyday.

Thursday – Nothing. Still busy at work but now it seems like it is just an excuse!

Friday – I’m back! I made it through 8 rounds of the 12 days of Christmas which included:

  • 1 min. Sprints
  • Suitcase squats – 80 lbs.
  • TRX chin- ups
  • RDL – 80 lbs.
  • Jumping jacks
  • Chest press – 60 lbs.
  • Counterforce jumps
  • Trap bar dead lift – 145 lbs.
  • Single arm curl to overhead press – 15 lbs.

I like working out with a list because it keeps me on track and doesn’t allow me to say – oh that was enough.

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I also started using Jacob’s Ladder – which looks easy but needs (at least my) 100% concentration on!

Saturday – I did spin class for an hour and beat my previous mph. Miraculous because I had a headache through the whole class. Which didn’t go away until Monday morning. Why do I love Spinning? Find out here.

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Sunday – Headache still there. I really have been lucky with them as this is my first bad one in months. But, it’s Monday and it’s still there…hoping it goes away soon.

Water Intake

I actually did pretty good this week. I got a new water bottle for Christmas and I started bringing it to work with me. This week I am going to start tracking it in my planner.

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Looking Ahead

I am exercising 3 days a week which is more than I was doing when I was taking classes. I am also putting more effort into my cardio. And, my friend and I are back looking into races!

I know I keep saying this but keeping track of my fitness really helps me gauge where I am and where I want to be. In spin class alone, I push myself each time to beat the week before, something I wouldn’t do without keeping track each time.

Today, I went out and bought some new gym clothes from Kohl’s and lucky me found the clearance rack and found a sports bra and tops for $2.50!!!! Loving it!

To see my fitness goals, click here. To see Week One, click here.

What have been some challenges for you on your fitness journey?


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5 thoughts on “Fitness Progress – Week 2

  1. Great work. I love the Elliptical because its the closest thing to running without putting any stress on the joints. I have a FItbit Blaze its not as nice as an Apple watch but I charge it daily when I talk a shower and never have battery issues. I heard the Apple watch is one of the most accurate fitness trackers though so you may be better off.

  2. I actually miss my Fitbit but I do like the heart rate tracker and Nike Run that comes with the watch. I used to love the elliptical – I think I just overused it and need a change.

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