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Fitness Progress – Week 1

Last week, I set my fitness goals for the next month. I survived Christmas week and honestly, I don’t feel like I overindulged too much! And, I ate what I wanted. The first week I knew was going to be hard. I had depended so much on my scheduled gym class and it was Christmas week. Now I have to make my own schedule.

Week 1 – December 18 – 24th

Monday – This was my last scheduled day of FIT. We did the 12 days of Christmas. I made it to day 8 before the hour class was over – not bad!

Tuesday – I was lucky and used my make-up day to join another groups last day. I finished the 12 days of Christmas – almost! I could feel the fatigue from two days of lifting in a row and I opted to slow my pace and lessen the weights. No need to hurt myself!

Wednesday – Nothing, Nada, zilch! But, I did do a lot of Christmas shopping – that should count for cardio, right??

Thursday – Nothing again!

Friday – Unmotivated, I made it to the gym. I did 40 minutes on the treadmill. I used this time to figure out how fast or slow I had to go to maintain 70% effort the entire time. 3.5 on the treadmill – which works out to be a 17:08 mile. And, that is why I need to do more cardio!

I also did a plank for 2:20, 20 push-ups, and overhead presses using a 35 lb. kettle bell.

Saturday – I did spin class for an hour and crushed my previous speed of 15.6 with a 16.4! I also noticed, my knees no longer hurt. Double bonus!

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Sunday – I was supposed to run but the cold scared me away!

Water Intake

I did bring my water bottle into work and drank 30 oz. but I had four of the days off from work. The days I worked out I had no problem drinking enough water – now I have to focus on my off days!

Looking Ahead

I think most importantly, I learned how to not be so hard on myself. I am going to have good days and bad days. As long as I don’t give up, I am still winning! This week I hope to start a better schedule for my workouts – it was a lot harder than I thought around the holidays!

Helpful Hints

  1. Buy a fun water bottle. One that makes you laugh or at least smile!

  1. Make an awesome playlist. I don’t have one yet. I would love some suggestions! Please…I’m begging!

  2. No matter how little or how much you exercise- keep track of it. I know for me seeing how far I’ve come motivates me to push myself harder. And, if I am not where I thought I’d be – for example my 70% with running – I know that’s something I should focus on.

Until next week….

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