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Ten Ways to Make Christmas Fun

Christmas Fun

I have to say this was one of the best family Christmas parties ever! We sang, we laughed, we saw Santa and we ate ALOT!!  We sure do know how to make Christmas fun!

christmas party

Me and my Grandma!
Santa and his Helper!

This year we had 59 family and friends – yes I have a big family! To see my previous post on my family Christmas Party click here. This year I started a Facebook page for my family to share all of our Christmas memories, especially the older photos and videos that not everyone had.

A past Christmas Party. Photo Credit: Robert Abend

In doing this I learned that we have been having these parties since the late 1940’s. My grandma says one year there was a big snow storm and she decided to have everyone stay home. She accompanied Santa to everyone’s house to make sure they saw Santa and received their gifts! It’s stories like these that make me appreciate my family, appreciate tradition and the love that it brings!

All to often Christmas is focused on buying gifts. But when I think back, my best memories are not gifts – heck I don’t even remember most of my gifts! It’s about creating memories – making cookies, spending time with family and friends, decorating the tree, and for my family – singing badly!

So, this year that is what I am going to focus on – creating memories. Need some ideas?

Have a Christmas Party

It doesn’t have to be lavish, most that I go to our bring your own dish. My kids are no longer little, so we also do a Christmas Eve get together at my house, low key, but we always have a full house and lots of laughs!

Have a Themed Day

If you don’t want to do a whole party, why not have a themed day. At my gym we had a friendly competition of Christmas cheer. My fitness class dressed up as the characters from the Island of Misfit toys! We had a blast and it made the day a lot more fun! You could do an ugly sweater day, or just dress festive! At my work we see who can decorate their office the most Christmasy- it’s all in fun and it has made our office a lot more festive!

Make Christmas Cookies

You can do this at home with your kids or spouse, have a cookie exchange with friends, family, co-workers or a group you belong to. With Pinterest, Google and YouTube it is so much easier to find recipes if you don’t have any. At my house we throw on some Christmas music, put our aprons on and it makes it that much more fun! Check out my post on making Christmas Cookies!

christmas cookies

Take a Drive to See Christmas Lights

At Onondaga Lake Park we have Lights on the Lake – even if you don’t have a light show near you, you can always just drive around and look at lights on others houses. Some people do a spectacular job! Why not appreciate there hard work!

christmas lights display
A display at Onondaga Lakes Lights on the Lake

Get Outside

Build a snowman, go sledding, take lessons for skiing or snowboarding, take a sleigh ride. Use your local Recreation Office to sign up for trips, or events! I know mine has tons of wintertime activities!

Make Ornaments

Get crafty and make ornaments for your tree or for others. I’m not the best at crafts, but little kids love it!

Make a Gingerbread House

Don’t have kids? Who cares! Who doesn’t love decorating them!!! Make them messy, beautiful, ornate or just easy to eat – it’s your house!

Watch Christmas Movies

I love Christmas movies. One of my favorites is Elf! But there are tons of them out there – funny, sad, hopeful, inspiring. Put on your pjs, drink hot chocolate, eggnog, wine, or whatever else you enjoy!

Make Popcorn Garland

I haven’t done this in ages, but I remember how fun it was to string popcorn. Eating it as you go of course. It’s a cheap and fun activity to do!

Spend Time with Family

Have a lunch date. Do an activity together, play a game. With the hustle and bustle it’s easy to forget to take time for your family and friends. Relax, enjoy the moments, and have fun!

My kids having a little Christmas Fun!

Whatever you do, enjoy yourself! Don’t let the stress overtake you. Christmas is about giving and that doesn’t mean just presents. Give joy, give fun, give peace and if you are anything like me – the best present is having my family and friends presence! Enjoy your holidays and please share your holiday fun. I’m always looking for new ideas!

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11 thoughts on “Ten Ways to Make Christmas Fun

  1. These are a great ideas for a lovely celebration!
    Christmas has been a bitter-sweet holiday for me since I have been living abroad and far away from my family for a couple of years now:'(
    Marry Christmas to you and your family! <3

  2. Thank you! That must be hard – I hope you have friends to celebrate it with. Hope you have a Merry Christmas still! 💕💕💕

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