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Making Christmas Cookies

Some of my earliest memories are making Christmas Cookies with my mother. Cut-out, chocolate chip, cherry bon-bons, Italian fudge, and peanut butter blossoms. It brings such a feeling of nostalgia. I can remember standing on a kitchen chair lent reach the counter, helping my mother along. My mother letting us mix the chocolate chip batter with our hands – the gooey texture sliding through my fingers, eating the extra cherries, frosting cookies, licking the bowl (who doesn’t love licking the bowl?!?!?), the Christmas music, the smells!1

I feel so grateful to be able to carry on this tradition, not only with my mother, but now with my own children who are young adults!

This year we didn’t make as many cookies, and it was after a day at work, but I loved it just the same!! Making cookies has never been about making the best kind, but rather spending time with those I love, creating memories that will last a lifetime! I hope to follow this tradition for years to come. And, I hope my children continue it with theirs.

What are some of your favorite cookies?

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11 thoughts on “Making Christmas Cookies

  1. They are my favorite and so easy to make!! The recipe is on the back of the package so I never have to remember it!!!

  2. Since we ended up losing a lot of stuff in the last few years, I have to make new traditions! This is a very good idea! I usually make chocolate crinkles… Sugar cookie dough made with cocoa powder and then rolled in powdered sugar and baked… They’re fantastic and very pretty!

  3. Yes…they are! Take a bag of sugar cookie mix and make it like normal, but before you add the wet ingredients, add some cocoa powder to the mix. Then roll into balls instead of flattened and roll into powdered sugar right before baking. They’re fantastic!

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