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Why Spinning?

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I started going to spinning/cycling classes on and off at the beginning of this test to get ready for Iron Girl. To be honest I hated it at first! Who wants their butt to hurt for 3 days! My knees killed and to top it all off, compared to other men and women in my class who appeared to be doing it effortlessly, I struggled.

I am a competitor though, not to others – just to myself. I didn’t want to necessarily be better than them, I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do that too! It’s only a bike I told myself and if they could do so could I.

Thankfully, the instructor helped me along.

Seat Height

I figured out that yes – seat height does matter! There is nothing worse than being too high or two low! Having your seat adjust properly is the difference between a hard workout and a painful one. Your seat should be at hip height when standing next to it.

Don’t Wear Gym Shorts

There is nothing worse than having your shorts rubbing on your legs for an entire hour. Wear bike shorts or leggings – you can thank me later!

Pain in the Butt

I promise the pain from sitting on your bike will end once you get used to cycling. Some people swear by the padded bike shorts, but I have found after 2 or 3 times I haven’t felt uncomfortable since.

Don’t Use Only Legs

It took me while to figure it out – but once you start using your whole body to cycle, it becomes much easier! Use your hips, your core, your shoulders and your arms and not only is riding easier – your working out smarter and more effectively.

Reaching Goals

I take a picture of my stats after each workout and find that trying to beat my last stats – RPM, Watts, mph and distance helps me to push through my workout. I won’t lie – I don’t understand what they all mean yet but I can see my own improvement.

The first display is from today 1/2/17 and the second is from May of 2017

Some days I dread going to the gym, some days I love it. What stays the same is I am always improving, always striving to be my personal best. I couldn’t ask for more than that!

See my fitness journey!

Do you have any pointers that helped you? I would love to hear them because as I said I am no expert. Just a girl. Trying.

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14 thoughts on “Why Spinning?

  1. Glad to know I am not the only one! And, I realize now I should change the title to Why Spinning!

  2. Keep trying, keep pushing, and achieve your goals. There will be satbacks, be ready for it. Don’t look for the things you haven’t achieve yet, always look for the improvements you did, how little you think it is, it matters. This was my mistakes when I was working out. I tend to missed the small details, the little achievement, and I always complain and beat myself up for not achieving the big goals that I set, then I realized how much I achieved compare to my old self before working out. So just keep going, keep achieving goals one step at a time.

  3. Thank you, that is great advice! I am trying to set my goals small just for that reason. It is so easy to become discouraged – I think we all do that – like right now for me it’s a pull-up but I try to remember it doesn’t happen overnight! Thank you again!

  4. So proud of you! Showing up is always the worst battle. Remember, don’t compare your journey with any one else. Everyone is there for a different reason. Keep on spinnin!

  5. I took my very first spin class years ago and seriously thought I might die before it was over. But I have learned to love spinning and I really want a Peloton bike… maybe for Christmas? Good job, it is always hard to try something new! 🙂

  6. Exactly how I felt! I have to go to the gym to spin – I’m not a good self motivater!!!! I’ll be rooting for you to get one for Christmas though!!

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