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Holiday Traditions: Annual Christmas Party

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with an annual Christmas Party!

The entire side of my mother’s family gets together in December for my favorite party of the year. We have held this tradition since at least the 1960’s. With our extended families growing last time I counted it was over 50!

In my early years, we would alternate houses to not put the burden on any one family, but now that our family is so large, my Aunt has held our party for the last 10 years or so.

Everyone brings a dish to pass and everyone has their favorites. Mine are pinwheels, pepperoni cheeseball, shrimp dip, chicken wing dip and of course cookies!

My cousin Bob has been providing music for us to sing along to since I can remember. He creates a song booklet for everyone which has old Christmas photos on the cover. The songs range from Frosty the Snowman, Silent Night, Rusty Cheverlot, to our own version of the 12 Days of Christmas called the Abend Family. Which of course has 5 LOUD SINGERS! We are loud singers – not great singers, but loud and proud! The final song is always here comes Santa Claus…

Santa shows up every year and gives the kids a present from Santa. As a child it was the best part and as mother it was still the best part. They are grown now, but I still love watching my cousins, nieces and nephews experience the same joy I did as a child.

My father used to be Santa’s helper every year, and after his passing – it was a little sad watching the torch be passed. But, my uncle Mark has taken over most years and now I get to watch his children and grandchildren’s face light up just like mine did.

With all the pressure that is put on us during Christmas, it’s nice to be able to enjoy family, eat, laugh and have a great time! (And, a big thank you to my Aunt Lisa who has graciously opened her doors to our crazy, outrageous, but wonderful family each year – Love you!)

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

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