Colorado Day Trip

During our recent trip to Colorado, we took a day trip to Estes Park, in Larimer County, Colorado, and Rocky Mountain National Park. Although, I could have stayed for days and not run out of things to do!

Estes Park has shopping, food and some gorgeous views. We started the morning eating at the Wapiti Pub. Their bloody Mary’s are made from scratch, not from a mix so if you like yours spicy – this is where you need to get one!

The Wapiti Pub’s version of the French dip with Colorado Rice. Not only was the food amazing, but the wait staff was excellent and attentive.

The shops were a mix of tourist and local products nestled around beautiful and jutting rocks. We were lucky, as I have heard Estes Park can be quite crowed with tourists. I also learned that rule number one in walking Estes Park is using the pedestrian traffic signals which are enforced. This is quite different than my trips to Washington DC and New York where pedestrians cross the street whenever they feel like it.

Shops at Estes Park
Shops at Estes Park

We grabbed the best tasting coffee from Inkwell & Brew. If I had to open my own shop this is what I would want it to be like! I didn’t want to leave this place. They had journals, calendars, specialty paper, cards and my personal favorite a working typewriter.

We passed at least three taffy shops which reminded me of our New York State Fair except these shops held more of a quaint, fun feeling to them. I tried the watermelon taffy – yum yum!!

We then drove up to the Rocky Mountain National Park for a scenic end to our afternoon. We ended up seeing a large elk and a family of white tailed deer. Pictures just do not do the mountains justice. The enormity and beauty of the landscape left me in awe!


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