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Raking Leaves

raking leaves, fall

Raking leaves! What joy! We have been putting this chore off for a while now. And now, our small yard feels like acres of land. I hate raking leaves. So, I decided to look as it as working my arms and if I stretch it – some cardio! My exercise for the day. It only took about an hour and a half. The sad part was even after we were all done raking it still looked liked the yard needs to be raked. Good thing I don’t worry about having a manicured lawn!

raking leaves, fall

There is a house in the neighborhood where they have absolutely nothing but grades of grass on their lawn. I’m not mocking them, I just don’t care enough about about it to maintain it on that level. Besides, I love seeing lawns covered in leaves. It’s one of the advantages of living in Central New York – beautiful seasons! I complain about raking but our large oak trees look beautiful in fall and especially during the first couple of snow falls, when your driving town the road and are enveloped in snow covered trees!

snow, leaves, raking
Unfortunately, we had our first snow as well!

Now, if only we didn’t have to experience fall and winter in the same day!

Luckily, we don’t have to put our leaves in leaf bags, but for the back yard they were useful. We ended up using for bags for our backyard alone. And, it is a small backyard.

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