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Crushing Goals

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I cannot say enough, setting a goal, writing it down, wanting to achieve something is powerful motivation. For me, it doesn’t matter what it is – big or small, when I see it written down, it makes me want to achieve it that much more.

In my first post one of my goals were to be able to dead lift my body weight. Six months ago, I didn’t think I could dead lift anything, let alone my body weight. My instructor at the gym has given me faith in myself, when I had none. I could barely hold ten pounds while standing on one leg!

Today, I made it to a Saturday workout. That in itself is an accomplishment. I have no problem making it to my Monday and Wednesday classes because I am expected to be there. But, motivating myself to get to the gym on an off day is for some reason a struggle.

I am not sure why. When I get there, I enjoy myself and when I leave I have more energy than before I went. I think what I have to do is schedule it. Make it a part of my routine.


Learning proper form is the key to being able to dead lift. And, not being afraid to look ridiculous! When you stop worrying about what you look like, or how others view you it allows you to focus on improving yourself. This has held true for me in and out of the gym!

Some tips that have helped me dead lifting are:

  • Keep your back straight
  • Lift with your legs
  • Push through your feet
  • Have someone knowledgeable watch your form

Nothing beats crushing a goal you thought would take longer to reach!


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16 thoughts on “Crushing Goals

  1. Kudos! I think I am at where you were 6 months ago! Goals are critical to succeed in anything. I’ve got lots of 2018 goals, can’t wait to crush them!

  2. I agree 100%. I struggled with my fitness and weight last year because I didn’t have a goal. I am a triathlete who has competed in about 50 triathlons- all different ranges. I got a little burnt out and I need something new, something to excite me and something to focus on!

  3. Hi Angela, Setting goals is very important, but like you said it’s important to write them down. So i guess a goal would be is to think about future blogs and set a goal to write them down. Thanks for sharing this info with us.Blog On!

  4. Congratulations! I just posted about sharing goals with each other in a private fitness page I have! It’s so important to set goals, crush them, then celebrate with your people! What’s the next goal?

  5. Having it written somewhere you will see it everyday definitly helps! Also to remind yourself of your motivation 🙂

  6. I have a hard time setting goals for my blog – one I plan to tackle soon! I wish you the best with all your goals!! Blog on!!!

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