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Post Race Food

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Post Race Food is sometimes the best part of the race. After running, your body needs to re-fuel itself. You are amped up with adrenaline, but the crash comes quick!

Today was my November race, the East Syracuse Fire Department’s Annual Burn Run. As I said in my last post, although my end goal is timing – this one was more about enjoying the time spent with friends and family!

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The pictures below are a little blurry – but we were actually running when we were taking them!

run, race, crazyrun, race, crazy

I was still nervous. I have been going to my FIT classes at Trillium but I haven’t been running as much as I should. And, it was a little rainy and cold here in Syracuse. As a side note, I love wearing a headband because you don’t have to worry about what your hair looks like!

Needless to say, we had a great time! I finished in 41:15 which is not last, not in the middle, but somewhere in between there. Strangely, me – the girl who does not like running is finding that I am actually enjoying myself. We laughed, we sweated, we walked, we made goofy faces and then we ate!


Bull and Bear Roadhouse who catered the race, did not disappoint. They had pulled pork with potatoes, bacon, cheese, and sour cream. I am not sure I would pick this for a typical breakfast. It was 10:30 am on a Sunday, but it did the trick. The crabs and protein made me feel like I could actually make it through the rest of the day standing up! I finished it off with a half of a bagel, water and coffee. Now, I will actually finish my laundry today!

What is your go to post race food?

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