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Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

life gets in the way

Sometimes all of my good intentions go right out the door. I am going to run this week. I will clean my closet. I will not eat junk food once this week. Ha! That did not happen. Actually, I failed to do any of those. And, that is okay. Life always throws us curve balls. It’s when we stop trying that we fail. Some weeks are better than others. Some I can accomplish every thing I say I will and other times… well, spending the evening with my family or friends is more important than the run and other times that run, by myself, is just what I needed.

I planned on running this week to get ready for my monthly 5k. Actually, I am trying to build up to make running a part of my weekly schedule – at least 2-3 times a week. That way I can actually get to the point where I can run the whole darn thing! Which is my end goal – to run a whole 5k. But, I didn’t run once this week. Life got in the way. I had to do other things, go other places.

Truth be told, my co-workers actually convinced me to do this run.  The Burn Run which is put on by our local Fire Department is on Sunday and I only signed up on Thursday. We have a whole group of us going so it is sure to be a blast!

Typically, my goal would be to beat my time from the previous race which is around 45 minutes. But, I am more excited to do the race with my friends (and I am hoping at least one relative – and if you are reading this, you know who you are…Steph)!

So, life got in the way and my time goal is out the window. Who cares! Sometimes, those curve balls end up being home runs!

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