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Gaining Balance

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Balance. I always assumed it was something you had or you didn’t. I would never get better. Never stand on one foot and be graceful. Heck, I was lucky if I could walk in a straight line. Really who wanted to do that anyways?

But, there I was in my first Fit class holding a 10 lb. weight trying to stand on one leg. I stumbled. My arms shook and my stomach jiggled. It was 30 seconds that seemed like eternity.

I continued to attempt this 30 second hold each class not because I thought I could do it but because my instructor told me to. Over and over, week after week. And then, without me even realizing it – I was doing it. Then, I started doing it well.

It was a sort of epiphany for me. What else could I do? And, more importantly what else was I holding myself back from because I believed I couldn’t do it.

I don’t have it all figured out, but there are a few things that helped me keep things in perspective:

  1. Belief in Myself – I can’t count the number of times I have heard people  – “I could never do that!”, including myself. I say you don’t know that you can’t do something unless you try. Don’t sell yourself short! And, don’t listen to the critics. Silence the outside voices. Others opinions of you don’t dictate your capabilities – you do.
  2. Small Goals – Had I went into my class wanting to be a great athlete or to lose 20lbs. I would have already given up because I hadn’t reached that goal. It’s okay to have larger goals, but if it is all or nothing – most of the time you will end up with nothing. Having smaller goals is kind of like feeding yourself confidence building pills to help you reach that larger goal.
  3. Squashing the Fear of Failure – we all have it but if you don’t allow yourself to fail, how can you ever improve? No one is just naturally the best – otherwise actors wouldn’t rehearse, sports teams wouldn’t practice, writers wouldn’t have drafts. So I encourage you to go out there and fail. Fail often and even ungracefully. I do!



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