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No More Fanny Packs

fitness product review

Am I the only one out there who doesn’t want to wear a fanny pack? But have no place to put your car keys, drivers license, cash or phone except your hand or tucked in your sports bra.

With a million fitness products available, its hard to know which ones are useful and which are actually worth the investment. Lucky for me, I found the Flipbelt (below) which has been my lifesaver. It is both stylish, useful and inexpensive. The flipbelt has little slits to fit anything from cash, credit cards, license, keys (there is also a hook to attach your key to) and even fits my IPhone. After you put everything in there you just flip the belt over and honestly, I forget it’s there and everything is safe and secure. I mostly wear it for races and you can’t even tell I am wearing it.

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