Friday the 13th?

Friday the 13th!!! This picture perfectly describes how I felt today.  I am not typically a superstitious person.  It all started when I learned the bartender on Jeopardy  lost his 12 day streak – I thought that can’t be coincidence.

I nonchalantly mentioned to my co-workers that it was Friday the 13th. We laughed and then…. it started happening…. what exactly happened I am not sure but today seemed like something out of the movies. It seemed all day our office was full of people, phones were ringing off the hook – and it wasn’t just for typical things, it seemed like everything was a complex problem.

There I was with a woman on hold, a customer at the counter and my cell phone starts ringing of the hook – call after call. I finish helping my customers and realize both of my children (who are both over the age of 18) are calling me, along with an unknown number. Turns out my son’s school (he is a senior in high school) was on lockdown due to a school shooting threat.

He was calling to tell me he was okay, his sister was calling to check on him, and the unknown caller was the school notifying me. Everyone was okay and the school handled it but my processing of the whole situation was chaotic. It probably didn’t help when the first thing my son tells me – not that they were on lockdown but that when is aunt picked him up for early release today, she had to talk to the police to go and get him out of school!

I also lost my car keys, walked into the restroom and the automatic paper towel roll was dispensing sheet of paper to the air, the handicap door stopped working, forgot to eat my lunch, and my keyboard is acting crazy. Luckily, my black cat has a white patch on his fur! Maybe there is a full moon – maybe something’s in the water. I would say all’s well that ends well, but the days not over yet! Have you experienced a crazy day as well or is it just me??


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