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Running Shoes

I have heard over and over is if you are serious about running you have to get a good pair of running sneakers. Which is exactly what I did. I had heard great things about Syracuse’s Fleet Feet so after work one day, I went over and was fitted for running sneakers. I was starting to feel like a real runner. Problem was that my legs were cramping something awful. At this point I was training for the Iron Girl – just the bike/run portion and I could barely make 1/10 of a mile without shooting pains going up my leg. I decided to go to Fleet feet and see if they could recommend an insert or one of the those rolling leg massagers runners use on their legs. I ended up buying a roller on Amazon like the one below (that works great!) 

  But instead to my surprise Fleet Feet offered to exchange my shoes. I had had them for almost a month and was shocked when they fitted me with a brand new pair of sneakers and took the old ones back. They are a little more expensive but their dedication to their customers have won me over!

I may not be a pro runner yet, but my legs don’t cramp like they used to which makes running a whole lot more enjoyable. And as I have said before I have never been a runner. I hated running, didn’t see the point in it. I actually asked one of the trainers at the gym, “I just want to know if I will ever be able to run without thinking, when will this be over?!?!”. I hate to admit it but when I did my race last weekend and our goal was to run (well, jog kind of fast) to the 1k marker (which I also have to add if you are organizing a race – please make big huge markers for runners like me) I told my running cohort Melissa “we’ve got this” and I actually meant it!

So to anyone thinking about running, but are scared to – buy a good pair of running shoes and just run…or jog… or walk.


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