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Meal Prepping

This is a thing – I think. I am not a chef, so please don’t take this even as Cooking 101. With my crazy, hectic schedule planning my weekday lunches has been a lifesaver for me. The stress I used to go through every morning staring in the refrigerator contemplating what to pack – is gone. Now I grab and go. Every Sunday, I take about 20-30 minutes and make at least 3-4 days of lunches. Grilled chicken, quinoa, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and Kalamata olives. One thing I love about quinoa is that it is filling. It did take some time to master, but if I can do it – so can you! If by any chance, you are a professional or even just good at cooking and would like to share some tips, I would gladly take them! Until then, I will share some of the few I have learned through trial and error.

If your cat is anything like mine, he looks at you with those sad littlest eyes!
  1. Buy pre-washed quinoa. Nothing is worse than trying to rinse and strain tiny, round grains.
  2. Use chicken stock and a little olive oil. This stock gives the quinoa some flavor. And, I find the quinoa comes out plumper when I use the olive oil (Please don’t laugh at my cooking adjectives, I have said, “I am not a cook!”).
  3. Follow the directions, until you master it! The only direction I still don’t get is fluffing the quinoa with a fork. Does anyone know that this actually does anything to it?!?!???
I found these great containers at our Wegmans grocery store. They stack easily and are great for making lunches or using for leftovers.

For snacks, I have pretzel thins, Colby Jack cheese squares, dried cranberries and nuts. It covers all the cravings I typically have – crunchy, sweet, salty, and cheese. I don’t buy chocolate for myself. When I do this, I will eat the entire bag. And, usually the same day. Instead, I bring my co-workers a bag of chocolate or candies. This has two benefits: 1) who doesn’t like when other people buy you treats; and 2) it makes it much less probable that I will eat the entire bag alone.

The grilled chicken and olives add a nice flavor to the quinoa.

What do find the easiest to bring for work lunches or even meals ahead of time? And lastly, help…any help (I mean it!) would be appreciated. For now, just with meal planning…although I never pass up good, free advice.



2 thoughts on “Meal Prepping

  1. One of my ‘go-to’s’ is hard boiled eggs. Plain, right out of my hand, or chopped up on a salad. Good protein. I make 6 at a time to have on hand and sometimes surprise MPM with a deviled egg or two as a side at lunchtime, or egg and olive sandwich once in awhile. See, I CAN share, if I’m a mind to! And yes, preparing foods ahead of time so they are grab and go makes all the difference between eating healthy and eating fast foods. Keep up the good work!

  2. Derek does that too. I love egg and olive! I actually have been taking an egg and olive sandwich to work early in the week so I am not eating the same thing every single day. Now, I just have to work out the weekends!

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