Birthday Party Gifts

I have a large extended family and we have no shortage of little ones under the age of 8. Mine are 21 and 18 so attending a four year olds birthday party does not come with the same stresses at it used to. The problem is, I am procrastinator when it comes to buying gifts. I would wait until the last minute, call the parents up frantically and ask what they already have or what do they need. I would stress trying to find the perfect gift and 9 times out of 10, I would end up with a migraine.

And then I started giving them cash. Now, I know some might argue that a gift should be thoughtful or show that you put thought into it but when you have 14 nieces and nephews sometimes spending time with them is more important than a gift. Today was my nieces 4th birthday party. I didn’t have to stress over a gift, she couldn’t care less that I did not give her a gift  and I spent some wonderful quality time with my family. I was able to see my grandmother, who is a spitfire and my mom who is following her lead. I played with the kids outside and ate some excellent food! It was so nice to see the kids playing in the leaves, riding bikes, and my one nephew even found an excellent mud puddle for his trucks! What more could you ask for?


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